NMM: Mountain Faith

Photo: Chris White

I’m going local this week with a band out of Sylva, N.C.

Describing its music as “modern Americana bluegrass,” Mountain Faith is a SPBGMA Bluegrass Music Award-nominated band rooted deep in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. Since its formation in 2000, Mountain Faith has entertained audiences with its unique style of bluegrass – providing fresh takes on just about any genre from gospel to R&B. This has culminated in TV appearances and performances throughout the country and the world. Mountain Faith is comprised of Sam McMahan as well as his daughter and son, Summer and Brayden, and family friends, Luke Dotson and Cory Piatt. The McMahan family owns a tire shop in Sylva and the band’s bio states that you can often hear the “bright notes of Appalachian bluegrass drifting from the back room of the service station” where some rehearsing takes place.

The most recent television appearance came when Mountain Faith competed on the tenth season of America’s Got Talent. That’s where I first heard – and became a fan of – the band. According to its bio, the members of Mountain Faith initially decided not to audition for the show. But Summer’s mom heard this and submitted a video to AGT producers anyway. According to its bio, the band got a call from the show to audition in St. Louis, Mo. After impressing the judges with its bluegrass version of OneRepublic’s “Counting Stars,” the band continued on in the competition, making it to the live shows at Radio City Music Hall. AGT has definitely opened doors for this extremely talented band and, in addition to touring throughout the United States, Mountain Faith is currently on a tour of the Persian Gulf, performing for military personnel based there.

I’ve never met the members of Mountain Faith but I hope I can – or at least see the band perform live – someday. I can tell that each member of the band is kind, humble and genuinely loves what he or she does. Mountain Faith recently released a brand new album and it’s great. The album, called That Which Matters, showcases the band’s incredible breadth of talent. Each song with its own personality. There’s not a single track on the new project that I don’t like.

Have a listen to my favorite performance from Mountain Faith on AGT and be sure to pick up the band’s new album.

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