The Gratefulness Challenge

I mentioned in a previous post about Devon Werkheiser and his new YouTube video series “Devon’s Life Survival Guide.” I’ve really enjoyed the videos and have taken his weekly “Love Life Challenges” to heart.

This week, he challenged everyone to mix up their routines. Just do something that’s outside of the norm. One of the ideas he mentioned was to write down something you’re grateful for each day. This was the one I decided to take on and, boy, has it been a challenge. Especially since my week has been a rather poopy one. Perhaps this challenge came at a very opportune time. It’s hard to pause and reflect in this fast-paced world we live in. We take every stinking minute of our lives for granted. Without further a do, here’s what I came up with for this challenge.

Mon: Family & Friends

This is a two-parter and probably the easiest. Sure my family can be weird and, sometimes, a bit dysfunctional but I know my family will always be there. I’m extremely grateful to be born in a family that has cared for me and loved me since I took my first breath.

Friends come and go. I’ve definitely learned that throughout the years. However, there are a couple friends who have been there with me for a long time. Whether it’s going to a ball game or just texting me to see how I am, I know of a couple friends that truly care about me – and I’m grateful for it.

TUES: God’s Grace

I’m incredibly grateful for the grace that God has given me. I constantly fall short of His glory but I know He loves me unconditionally. That’s pretty darn cool!

WED: Life & Freedom

This one is another two-parter. I’m grateful for my life – trials, triumphs and everything in between. It’s especially tough given the not so glamorous week I’ve had this week but I’ve tried to look at the big picture. Along with life comes freedom. Freedom to go where I want to, write this post, you name it. There are millions of people in our world that don’t have this luxury and I feel awful when I complain about petty stuff and don’t keep this in mind.

THU: Time

So this day was pretty tough. I learned that my grandmother, the one for whom this post was written, apparently has cancer. It really came as a shock to all of us. She just turned 89 in January and has been healthy as a horse. She goes to all sorts of events, can do things for herself – including driving – and more. We don’t know much in the way of its severity or a course of action but I think her overall good health will work in her favor. I’ve had three grandparents in my life: two on my dad’s side and one on my mom’s. Two have since passed on, leaving her. I’ve loved all my grandparents but I’ve always had a special bond with her. Regardless, I’m extremely grateful for the time I’ve had with her and the time I’ll continue to have.

FRI: Music

Last but definitely not least is music. I’ve been involved with music since beating coffee can drums in a music group when I was a wee little thing at my grandma’s church. That progressed to playing clarinet starting in the sixth grade. It may sound cliché but music has been the soundtrack to some good times and has gotten me through some tough times as well. Needless to say, music has been and will continue to be an integral part of my life.

As I said in the opening, it’s been a really poopy week for me, so it’s incredible that I could even write this. It’s tough to go through the motions and any bad thing in your life. But try to keep in mind the good things and what you’re grateful for. It may be hard but it’ll definitely be worth it.

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