NMM: Alabama Capital

Photo: Chris White

New Music Monday has returned this week – and just in time to feature a new tune from the awesome duo Alabama Capital.

The duo is comprised of Cincinatti, Ohio-born twins, Caleb and Nathan Montgomery, who have really developed a fan base thanks, in part, to social media. Alabama Capital has just under 35,000 YouTube subscribers as well as thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook. Combine that with the Montgomery twins’ stellar songwriting and vocal abilities, it’s no surprise that they’re a hit with fans of all ages.
According to the duo’s Facebook, the Montgomery twins, having been raised in a musically inclined family, began honing their skills at six years old. Caleb took up rhythm guitar, bass and piano while Nathan took up more of the lead guitar role. The Montgomery’s continued working throughout their school years as well as fulfilling constant requests to play at family events and church gatherings. Later on, the brothers decided to pursue music and, therefore, Alabama Capital was born – the name being a creative play on the brothers’ last name. The duo joined YouTube in 2009 and quickly developed a fan base, otherwise known as the “AC Family,” and that fan base has done nothing but thrive ever since. According to its Facebook, Alabama Capital was recently included in Billboard‘s Next Big Sound chart and is hard at work on a debut project.
I first discovered Alabama Capital while watching a live broadcast of TeenHoot a few years back. I guess you can say I’ve been a member of the “AC Family” ever since. I was excited to hear that the Montgomery brothers were releasing a new song – entitled “Little Lies” – last week and it was not a disappointment. In fact, I’d say this is the duo’s best work to date. It’s incredible how the Montgomery’s have grown as artists just in the past few years, in both the songwriting and vocal departments. Mainstream pop music needs a refreshing and Alabama Capital can do just that. Watch out for these talented dudes!
Check out the new tune “Little Lies” below and stream it on Spotify.

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