My Friday Five: On Tim Duncan, Rory McIlroy & More

Photo: Chris White

1. Happy Trails, T.D.

I’m kicking off this week’s post by sending a big congrats, best wishes and thank you to Tim Duncan. The NBA legend – and Wake Forest Demon Deacon – announced earlier in the week that he would retire after 19 seasons. Duncan spent all 19 seasons with the San Antonio Spurs, earning five NBA Championships along the way. The 15-time All-Star will assuredly become a hall of famer in the near future. You will be missed, T.D.!

2. Happy Ann’y, Kenan & Kel

One of my favorite shows growing up, Kenan & Kel is celebrating its 20th anniversary today! The Nickelodeon show, starring Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell, premiered on this day back in 1996. I was four years old then. Wowza!

3. Zaxby’s

This story disgusts me. Two deputies with the Cleveland County (N.C.) Sheriff’s Office visited a local Zaxby’s restaurant to grab a bite to eat but got much more than they bargained for. According to an article from Charlotte-based outlet WSOC, the deputies reported that they were heckled by some employees working in the kitchen and received food covered in a sauce that was so spicy it “burned to the touch.” Neil Glezen, the franchise owner, conducted an investigation and apologized for the incident. It remains unclear if the employees were terminated for their actions.

This is exactly the kind of thing our country does not need. I’m so tired of the lack of common decency and respect for each other. If the employees responsible were not fired they absolutely should be, in my opinion. Our country is going through quite a lot of strife right now but these incidents are not helping. Enough is enough.

4. AGT Thoughts

Every year, without fail, there’s something about America’s Got Talent that doesn’t sit well with me. This week began the Judge Cuts round of the competition where the acts that made it through the Audition round performed again for a spot in the live shows. One act in particular, Steven Brundage, wowed me. Brundage is a magician – but not just any magician. Brundage performs Rubik’s Cube magic. You read that right. I, for one, think one must summon magical powers to solve a Rubik’s Cube alone but Brundage takes it to a completely different level. Take a look!

After seeing this performance, I thought Brundage could very well win the whole show. He ended up getting cut from the competition, setting off a firestorm of critical posts on all of AGT‘s social media platforms. There’s even a hashtag – #BringStevenBack – being used by disgruntled fans. I’m joining in on the criticism. Quite frankly, this was the worst decision I’ve ever seen the judges make in all the years I’ve watched the show. The talent this season is already “meh” at best so getting rid of a unique act like Brundage and his Rubik’s Cube magic definitely won’t help the show moving forward. The judges preach almost all the time about originality and seeing something they’ve never seen before – yet they eliminate one of the most original acts this season? I call BS.

What do you think? Was the judging panel’s decision to cut Steven Brundage a bad one? Drop me a line below with your thoughts!

5. McIlroy’s Comments

Rory McIlroy, a star of the professional golf world, found himself in hot water this week. McIlroy had already announced he would not participate in the Rio Olympics, supposedly due to Zika Virus concerns. However, it’s what he said in an interview before beginning play at The Open Championship this week that has sparked discussion.

An article in NewsTalk, detailed the interview and included tweets from ESPN’s Jason Sobel with direct quotes from McIlroy. On watching the Olympics, McIlroy said that he’d probably watch them but only the “sports that mattered” for which golf did not qualify in his book. The one that got me was McIlroy saying he didn’t get into golf to “grow the game” but to “win championships” and “win majors” instead. Yes, winning championships is a golfer’s ultimate goal when he or she gets into the game. However, when he or she is as successful and is a global ambassador as McIlroy is, you’re tasked with “growing the game” whether you like it or not.

I was a huge fan of McIlroy but these comments have concerned me. So much so that I’m no longer a fan. My hope is, in hindsight, he wishes he could have elaborated further on what he meant but it is what it is now – and it’s not a good look.

Thanks for Reading

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