NMM: Adem Dalipi

It’s wild how we discover new artists nowadays. For me, it’s usually through shows like American Idol, iTunes, or Spotify playlists. But now I can say Instagram ads as well.

I was aimlessly scrolling through Instagram Stories one day several months ago and happened upon an ad in between stories. A video message from an up and coming artist named Adem Dalipi. Being the music nerd that I am, I checked out his page and liked what I heard. Giving him a follow to discover more.

Dalipi is a Chicago-based artist who credits his influences to RnB, Pop and Blues. Fancy I should mention Idol, as he competed on the singing competition series a couple years ago, making it to Hollywood Week. Since that time, Dalipi has continued his music journey. Self-producing some great tracks along the way.

That includes his latest “Sixth St.” which was composed, tracked and produced by Dalipi from his at-home studio. An idea for the song first came to mind in May 2020, as Dalipi describes in an interview with antiMusic, “[‘Sixth St.’] was just a simple chord progression on guitar.” Quarantine prompted Dalipi to reflect on his past, specifically, the neighborhood he grew up in. This time brought back some memories that many people have – hanging out with friends, taking drives through town, perhaps even falling in love.

The listener gets every bit of this in “Sixth St” which I would characterize as an easy listening tune, meshing Dalipi’s musical influences into one. It is constructed in such a way that will bring listeners back to their own carefree days growing up in their hometowns. In my view, a perfect choice of song to center and calm one’s soul given the tumultuous past year we have all experienced.

Lend an ear to “Sixth St.” below and check out all of Dalipi’s music here.

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