My Friday Five: On ACC Officiating, Pack Swim Dive & A Thanks To Seniors

1. The Consistency Problem

I wrote a post on Wednesday that shared some thoughts on N.C. State/Clemson game and what has become a big problem for officiating in college football. Check it out!

2. State Swimming’s Huge Meet

N.C. State Men’s and Women’s Swimming/Diving compete in one of the most anticipated meets of the season this evening in Raleigh. The Pack (ranked No. 5/12 in the nation) faces Texas (No. 9/2), and it should be good!

3. Thank You, Seniors

I wanted to dedicate a separate post, here to the Wolfpack Swimming/Diving seniors: Ryan Held, Anton Ipsen, Harrison Mitchell, Matt O’Donnell, Hennessy Stuart, Krista Duffield, Caroline Estes and Hannah Moore. As you may know, I grew to be a big fan of Held and Ipsen after their competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics and meeting them last year. The seniors’ giving of time to this program and university is so much appreciated!

4. Keep On Fighting

The fellas at Carolina Football have not had the best season, but they’re not letting it get to them. The Heels were 1-8 and winless in ACC play heading into a Thursday night showdown with Pittsburgh. It was a tough battle but Carolina fought to the end and pulled out a 34-31 victory. Way to go, guys!

5. There’s an App for…THAT?

Ever go to McDonald’s all to be disappointed that the ice cream machine wasn’t working?  Now, I haven’t eaten there in a long while, but I remember being told many a time that I couldn’t get that MCFlurry or ice cream sundae. But fear not, my friends, there’s an app for that! According to The Verge, called Ice Check that will apparently show you the nearest McDonald’s location with a working McFlurry machine. The app, developed by Raina McLeod, is available for iPhone.

Thanks For Reading

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