My Friday Five: On The State Of Our Nation, Voting And Wolfpack Games

1. Remarks on Our Country

I have sat tirelessly the past few weeks and watched the Brett Kavanaugh hearings regarding his nomination to the Supreme Court. Through this, I have found that the state of our nation is bleak.

For starters, this entire process has been a complete sham, in my view. And it is ridiculous how Republican Senators railed their Democratic colleagues for “obstructing and destroying” this nomination process when they did the exact same thing with Merrick Garland, President Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court. Yea, remember him?

The accusations that were brought forth by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford against Kavanaugh were precise and detailed considering the event happened more than 30 years ago. And I believed her fully. Beyond that, I found Kavanaugh to lack a basic skill set of a judge, particularly one for the Supreme Court: temperament. His partisan outrage displayed in testimony on Capitol Hill on Thursday was egregiously reckless and likened a temper tantrum more than a defense.

I’m not saying to vote yes or no on Kavanaugh – although his childish display was enough for me to vote no – but what I am saying is to stop the nonsense. I’m so sick and tired of grown men and women who we, the taxpayers, pay to “work” in Congress acting like petulant children; breaking several rules and norms along the way. In regard to Kavanaugh, what is so hard or so bad about allowing the FBI to conduct a full, independent investigation into these allegations? No such thing has occurred from what I’ve seen. Instead, we have a circus for a nomination hearing.

I have always believed that term limits for Congress should be implemented. I said on Twitter just yesterday that we should not have folks who were elected to represent districts in the 80s and 90s represent those same districts in the 2010s and beyond. It has never made since to me and never will, I guess. There are many more things I could say on this but I will save them for a longer post at another time.


On that note, I would like to implore you to please vote in the upcoming midterm election. The midterms tend to not receive as much voter enthusiasm or turnout as other elections. It is imperative that you exercise your right to make your voice heard. I guess I’m a rare breed. I have voted in every election presented to me since I became of age to do so. I will be voting on November 6 and I hope you do as well.

Please visit Rock The Vote for a wealth of information on voting, registration and more!

3. Wolfpack Games

The fourth annual Wolfpack Games is tonight at Casey Aquatic Center! This is an event showcasing the N.C. State Swimming and Diving squad for the new season. Make sure to stay tuned to my Twitter and Instagram for photos from the event.

4. UNC Football

Troubles for UNC Football continue this season, as the Heels were defeated badly by Miami, 47-10, on Thursday night. As I watched, I noticed several glaring issues with this team. From defense, to the quarterback position, and beyond. It’s definitely going to be a long season.

5. Website Woes

I’ve kept this to myself but I just recently made the decision that I will be moving my site from Squarespace to WordPress by November. My time with Squarespace started out fine but I have discovered that, for the $144/year price tag, there have been too many issues and glitches experienced to continue such a subscription here. Chiefly, I have had issues on a few occasions where I typed posts either on the Squarespace Blog app or the desktop site and the system did not save my work properly, forcing me to start over from scratch.

I contacted Squarespace on each of these occasions to no avail. The latest instance, just in the past two weeks, I contacted Squarespace and was basically placed at fault for not creating a “backup” or second draft of my post on a secondary source. Frankly, for $144/year, I shouldn’t have to do that nor should I have to deal with site glitches with basically no help. That said, this site will be moving to WordPress in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Thanks for Reading

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